DREAMWEAVER hacks existing circular knitting machines to produce knitting robots that are used for architectural applications. It is conceived as a fast, in situ construction system that can use recycled materials to produce lightweight and complex tubular structures.


See Project VIDEO

Hacking the system:

Branch-Knot typologies:
Branch-Knot typologies

Algorithmic agregation:

Branchig structure model:

Inhabitable structure:

Developed by:
Melat Assefa (Ethiopia)
Joao Alburquerque (Portugal)
Brian Peters (USA)

Tutored by:
Marta Malé-Alemany / Research & Development director
Cesar Cazares / Research & Development assistant

With consultants:
Victor Viña / Electronics

Digital Tectonics ‘FABBOTS 1.0’ Research & Development Studio
Master in Advanced Architecture, IAAC (Barcelona, Spain)

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