FAB CLAY explores 3D printed architecture in clay. Material samples are made by hacking an industrial CNC Mill with a customized, arduino-controlled deposition head for paste-like materials.
Attached to an industrial robot, the head is used to print full-size architectural columns.


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Study of parametric continuous-line patterns for printing:

Pattern and prototype of a variable hollow column:
FC_Flower column_02

Diverse material samples:
FC_samples on table_02

Clay deposition detail:
FC_Printing detail_02

Column printed on an industrial robot:

On site scenario:
render 3 zavrsno

Developed by:
Nasim Fashami (Iran)
Sasa Jokic (Serbia)
Starski Naya Lara (Colombia)

Tutored by:
Marta Malé-Alemany / Research & Development director
Jordi Portell / Research & Development assistant

With consultants:
Santiago Martin / Computational design
Miquel Lloveras / Electronics
Guillem Camprodon / Electronics

Digital Tectonics ‘FABBOTS 3.0’ Research & Development Studio
Master in Advanced Architecture, IAAC (Barcelona, Spain)


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