HELIOBOT is an autonomous solar-powered machine for digital manufacturing, on-site. A sun-tracking system is used to focus solar rays and produce thermal energy to heat, burn, and cut materials. The robot has freedom to move in two axes and operate over the material with almost no size limitations, just powered by the sun.


See Project VIDEO
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Machine logic interaciong with Heliobot (foldable-joints models):

Heliobot v2.2 nine motors omnidirectional movement:

Lens comfiguration:

Combining tipologies foldable+joins:

Scenario imagining a form:

Developed by:
Felipe Pecegueiro (Portugal)
Jorge Orozco (Mexico)
Kfir Gluzberg (Canada)

Tutored by:
Marta Malé-Alemany / Research & Development director
Cesar Cazares / Research & Development assistant

With consultants:
Victor Viña / Electronics

Digital Tectonics ‘FABBOTS 1.0’ Research & Development Studio
Master in Advanced Architecture, IAAC (Barcelona, Spain)

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