MAGNETIC ARCHITECTURE is a 3D-printing technique for architecture that makes use of computer controlled magnetic fields for material deposition and solidification. By positioning two strong magnets in space, with the control of an industrial CNC machine or a specialized robot arm, it is possible to construct sequential chains of iron-based micro-columns to create complex structural beams and wall formations.

See Project VIDEO

material samples:

simulation for the material distribution:

tools: custom magnetic gripper.


team at work: adapting gripper to milling machine.

Developed by:
Gabriel Bello (USA)
Alexandre Dubor (France)
Akhil Kapadia (India)
Angel Lara (Mexico)

Tutored by:
Marta Malé-Alemany / Research & Development director
Jordi Portell / Research & Development assistant

With consultants:
Santiago Martin / Computational design
Miquel Lloveras / Electronics
Guillem Camprodon / Electronics

Digital Tectonics ‘FABBOTS 3.0’ Research & Development Studio
Master in Advanced Architecture, IAAC (Barcelona, Spain)


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