STONE SPRAY is a multidirectional, spray-based 3D-Printing construction method. It uses granular materials (i.e.sand) and a binder to solidify them on-site, with very fast drying time and exceptional structural capacities.
Attached to 5-axis robot, a CNC controlled sand-binder spray can bring stone-hard, amazingly complex architectural structures to live.


See Project VIDEO
See Project BOOK

Digital simulation and optimization:

Custom-made robotic arm transportable to the site:

Stone-hard complex structures built with sand:
Developed by:
Anna Kulik (Russia)
Petr Novikov (Russia)
Inder Parakash Singh (India)

Tutored by:
Marta Malé-Alemany / Research & Development director
Jordi Portell / Research & Development assistant

With consultants:
Santiago Martin / Computational design
Miquel Lloveras / Electronics
Guillem Camprodon / Electronics

Digital Tectonics ‘FABBOTS 3.0’ Research & Development Studio
Master in Advanced Architecture, IAAC (Barcelona, Spain)


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